A visit from Finland, and prom

We’ve had a busy few weeks.

At the end of March and beginning of April, Pirita (our former exchange student from Finland) visited for ten days. We had a wonderful visit, and, she put it, it seemed more like she’d been away for a long weekend than for nearly two years. Pirita and Mathias have completely different personalities, so I wondered how they would hit it off, but it seemed like they really clicked. Early in their first conversation, Pirita was busting Mathias’s chops over something and I pointed out that, as the eldest in his family, he wasn’t used to that. Her response was, “Well, you have a big sister now, and I’m going to tease you.” And they really did seem to immediately fall into a brother/sister kind of relationship (minus the squabbling). Pirita spent some time with us, and some time catching up with friends from her time here. And, of course, she had to spend a few hours at the Mall of America. We took her out to eat and to the theater, and hosted a couple dinner parties so our family and friends would get to see her.

Pirita at Lake of the Isles

It was fun to see Pirita and learn about all the changes in her life. One recent change is that she is now a vegetarian. When I mentioned that to Mathias some time before her arrival, he looked aghast. I had to reassure him that although she is a vegetarian, he would still be fed plenty of meat during her stay. They ended up with a sort of Jack and Mrs. Spratt arrangement between them, only with meat and vegetables instead of lean and fat. Sadly, after a week and a half, Pirita’s visit came to an end. It was much easier to see her off this time than when she left two years ago. Now that we have two years under our belts, and we have visited her and she has visited us, it feels more certain that she will always be a part of our lives.

 On Saturday Mathias went to prom. At the beginning of his stay, he had been looking forward to the prospect, but he later decided he would rather spend the money on something else. Some friends talked him into going, however, and he invited a friend to go as his date. Much drama ensued, all of which is many times more interesting to a teenager than to anyone else. Her dress is pink, and she wants my vest and my tie to match her dress. Oh, my God. I am not wearing PINK! (On a side note, during his entire stay, I’ve been trying unsuccessfully to get Mathias to eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk food. Now he’s reached that decision completely independently of anything I’ve said to him on the matter. I should have known that vanity was the key. Do you think these pimples will be gone by the time I have my prom photos? My skin was never this bad before. I’m going to start eating better.) In the end, Mathias ordered a tux that was acceptable to both him and his date. He acted as if he didn’t care about the whole thing, but after I picked up the tux for him and he tried it on at home, his expression told a different story. He got a grin on his face that said, “I look good and I know I look good,” and you could tell he was pleased.

Ready for prom

Mathias and his date looked adorable together. They went to prom with two other couples, and my brother-in-law was kind enough to take photos for all of them. (BTW, to his friends, Mathias refers to Janna and Luke as his aunt and uncle. I love that.) He was out until about 3:00, and slept about 14 hours after he got home. Once Luke sent him the photos, Mathias posted them immediately to Facebook. We have the best prom pictures on Facebook. I’m not gonna lie.

With his buddy, Trevor. Note the SILVER vest and tie.

Today is a very important day for Mathias. FC Bayern München is playing Real Madrid in the European Champions’ League Semi-finals. If they lose by more than one point or lose the tie-breaker, they will not advance. If they win or tie, they will advance to the finals. I hope for all our sakes that FC Bayern München does well.

One of Mathias’s friends is coming to our house to watch the soccer game with him. After the game Mathias is going to cook goulash for supper for her. He’s cooked German food for us before, but this will be his first time without me hovering in the background giving him instructions. When Mathias arrived, he didn’t cook at all. Now he’s cooking solo for dinner guests. I have to say, I’m proud.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Aw, I didn’t know that he referred to us in that manner! We love that, too! 🙂 Glad he liked the photos. They do look adorable.


  2. Major update. Mathias’s team lost the game, but won the tie-breaker to advance to the tournament finals. We dodged a bullet there; he’d have been miserable to live with if they’d been eliminated.


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